Social Media Marketing, It is like another helping hand of the digital marketing strategy. Like while doing SEO we target online audience through the website here we do that with Social Media pages. Here now our landing page is all our social media accounts.

If a brand do not have social media presence how can they think of targeting more audience in less time? Social media focuses on targeted audience in a same time start engaging with them. This makes it more helping when you come to product that is physically available in the market.

Our Service That We Share With You

Facebook Audience

Facebook share largest number of audience in compare to other social platform. We increase your Facebook reach so you can engage with more people.

Twitter Audience

Twitter is a more professional and hard platform to attract more audience here but we have skilled team who can handle it because these users are active for long time.

Google+ Audience

Google+ share a very unique way of making communities. These community hold larger active users in number and help you increase your circle bigger.

LinkedIn Audience

LinkedIn is a platform that share professionals and executives community. We help you engage with all those professional and make an engaging professional image.

Pinterest Audience

An Image search engine that is a social media platform. We help get more engaging pin and board follower to your account. It platform is helpful when you are in ecommerce.

YouTube Audience

With YouTube channel optimization we make sure that you have good number of view, like and most important subscribe to make high engaging channel.

Social Media Bookmarking

Websites those are used to share your brand social media pages. This is like bookmarking your page online and that help in generating more audience.


We do meeting and audits with our SMO experts to make plan and strategies that fulfil your goals and target. Out experts strategize perfectly for your products.

Make bigger social media presence with team HawksCode and increase awareness of your brand. Let the other hear you what you got to offer and what service you are serving. Making a direct engagement on your audience will help you in growing your business and brand popularity. With millions of user on it social media is another weapon any business service can use. That is the reason this platform can't be ignored by executives.

Our Products

Browse a comprehensive list of Google products designed to help you work and play, stay organised, get answers, keep in touch, grow your business and more. We're passionate about creative product design, so before bringing each new item into our assortment we make it a point to ask: "What makes this an uncommon good?"

What  makes  us proud

Hard work, Commitment, Accountability and Passion! We have a faith to serve and a brand to represent. We take pride in each award and recognition we have earned.

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